Teaching Children to Share Their Faith: John 4, The Samaritan Woman

Sharing your Faith: John 4, The Samaritan Woman


Big Group:

Open with two stories: A time that sharing your faith went well, and a time that sharing your faith was difficult. If you want to make it more relevant, ask two of your children to share these stories.


Small Groups:

Read (leader):  John 4:1-9

Points to teach:

-Jesus was talking to a woman, which wasn’t acceptable at that time and place

-Jesus was a Jew talking to a Samaritan. This also was not normally acceptable.


-We can share Christ with people who are not like us. (Ask) Think of one person who is not like you that you can share the gospel with this week.

Read (leader):    John 4:10-19

Points to teach:

-Jesus is talking about spiritual water, but the Samaritan is talking about physical water. Jesus is talking about salvation and eternal life.

-Jesus knows the woman’s sins.


-Jesus is trying to show the woman the importance of salvation over physical needs.

-God knows all of your sins. 

Read (leader):  John 4:25-30, 39-42

Points to teach:

-Jesus reveals Himself as the Messiah to the woman.

-The disciples question Jesus for sharing the gospel with the Samaritan woman.

-The woman goes and shares her faith. Because she shares her faith, many more people are saved.


-How can you share your faith with other people who are not like you?


Big Group:

Gospel Sharing Game: Have each of the children get into groups of 3-5 children with one leader in each group. Then, have the leaders help the children share their faith with each other.

Big Point: We must share our faith!

Note: This lesson is designed to work as a small-large-small group format. The small group questions and points are designed to help learning and start conversation. Enjoy!