FamilyTalk Devotional Book Review and Giveaway

Ron Brooks wrote the family devotional book FamilyTalk to help provide parents with a resource to start family devotions together. He currently co-hosts the Kid Ministry Collective and coaches children’s ministry leaders. Here is a recent interview I had with him, where he shared his heart for family devotions and described FamilyTalk.

1. What is FamilyTalk and why is it important?

“FamilyTalk is a collection of devotions that is designed to be done together as a family. It is important because there are many parents who are not sure what to do in order to lead their children spiritually, so FamilyTalk is designed to help a parent begin to build a spiritual foundation in their child’s life.”

2.  What led you to write the devotional book FamilyTalk?

“Each section of the book was a unit that I have done in children’s ministry with the kids. The devotions were written to take home each week to encourage family time at home, centered around the bible and the lesson that week. I started thinking that if the families in my church used them and were encouraged by them, then others might be as well. It grew from individual weekly devotions into the book that you see now.”

3.   What makes your devotional book different from others out there?

“Unlike some other devotional books for families, “Family Talk” was tried and tested in my church. The church members there came from a variety of backgrounds, so I sought feedback from these families to help make the devotional book more functional; that means “Family Talk” has been put into use and revised to become an effective tool in helping parents lead their children spiritually.”

4. I noticed that FamilyTalk has three sections: Beginning Steps, Foundations, and the Life of King David. Why choose those three topics?     

“These three topics were units that we used in our kids ministry. All 3 sections were series that our pastor taught, and I wrote lessons to match, so the kids and parents were learning the same thing every week. It made sense to open the book with the beginning steps, followed by foundational truth. This natural progression is beneficial to families no matter what their spiritual background. The point would be to give the parents a tool that would help them begin to build a spiritual foundation in their children. The life of David was another series I chose to add simply to make the book a little bit longer.”

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UPDATE: Congratulations to Justin Brooks on winning a Kindle copy of the FamilyTalk devotional!