5 Ways To Build a Ministry Mindset

Top 5Now is a great time to stop yourself and assess how your ministry has been going so far this year. How has your ministry been effective? Have you been able to accomplish some the things you set out to do? How have you used your time? Asking yourself these questions and more will help you discover what your ministry mindset has been so far this year. If you are not satisfied with one of these areas, or just want to have a better ministry mindset as you continue to grow as a leader, then read these 5 Ways To Have a Ministry Mindset:

Basic RGB1. Manage your time. Want to manage your time better? Keep a record of everything you do for one week. Look over the list and see which activities were fruitful and which ones were a waste of time. This method works in a similar way to creating a budget for your income and expenses. Just like you learn how to manage your money carefully, so will you learn how to manage your time more effectively.

2. Schedule yourself. One of the most effective ways to have a ministry mindset is to create a ministry schedule for yourself. If possible, create a weekly schedule that syncs to your phone and creates reminders that remind you the day before or the morning of an event or meeting. Most phone and computer products come with standard calenders in them. For Apple products, try sticking with the standard calender, due to its easy-to-use functions and syncing abilities. For other products, I recommend checking out the Google Calender, which you can purchase for Android devices and sync to a Google account on your computer. Also, the calender app Fantastical is rumored to be an excellent calender for your smartphone, if you are looking for something more advanced.

3. Prayer. Daily time in prayer is a great way to focus your day on God. Personal morning prayer, prayer with your ministry team, and consistent prayer throughout the day will help keep your mind focused on your ministry. Having (at least) three people pray for you during the week would also be helpful. Do you have a prayer list? Try posting it in your office somewhere that you will see several times a day, and take a few moments each time to pray for those people. Prayer is a great reminder that God is the One who works through us and gives us the power to glorify Him throughout our day.

4. Weekly devotionals. Do you have weekly devotions with your team? Your pastoral/leadership staff? Spending time with those around you and sharing from God’s Word can be very beneficial in your walk with Christ. Sharing testimonies, reading Scripture and studying a devotional together are all good ideas for team devotions. If you are looking for a few good devotional books, check out the excellent devotionals My Utmost for His Highest and Today In The Word.

c278208_m5. Keep communicating! When we communicate clearly and frequently with our ministry team, we can be more effective for the Kingdom and maintain unity within the church body. A Facebook page, Twitter account, and email newsletters (such as Mail Chimp) are each effective ways to communicate with your ministry team when they a) aren’t in the office that day, or b) when you need to communicate with the volunteer staff on your ministry team. If you can, hold a weekly meeting to communicate with the church staff regarding your ministry. Another great idea would be to create a weekly YouTube video with updates for your whole team.

Hopefully these ideas, both for yourself and for your team, will help you develop and maintain a ministry mindset! If you have any other suggestions you would like to share with others, please feel free to drop a comment (there is a comment link at the top of the post).