Helping Your Kids Respond Biblically to the Connecticut School Shooting

This past Friday, a horrible shooting occurred in Connecticut . While I cannot even fathom experiencing such a thing, I do know this: many children will be asking questions about what happened based on what they have heard from friends and the news. While it is important to answer their questions from a biblical perspective, we also need to address what is being relayed to them regarding this situation (things they might not even tell you they heard). Some people are confused about how to respond, with part of secular culture even using this event to question the existence of God.

As CWhole World in His Handshristians, we obviously know that God is in control, but we need to make sure that our children do not become confused by the media’s perception and their other friends’ perceptions of God after this awful event. The best way to combat these false ideas is to sit down with your child and discuss what they heard about what happened. As you talk with them, open your Bible and read through Scripture passages with them. Encourage them with passages about God being in control and share with them passages about how man is sinful. Of course, this can be done in an age-appropriate way to help the child understand that the crime was wrong and that God is in control. Consider closing your time by sharing the importance of sharing the gospel message with everyone, no matter how much they have sinned.

This is an important teaching moment that many parents can give their children. Sunday morning in many churches around the country, pastors will be sharing with their churches a biblical response to a tragedy such as this. I encourage children’s ministry leaders to be very sensitive with their children during times such as these. To assist you in addressing this tragedy in the coming weeks, I have provided below a short list of resources for you to consult for advice on this difficult subject. I hope that these sources help provide more biblical and insightful advice to help you as we join together as the body of Christ to help our young children through these difficult and emotional times.


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