App Review: Angry Birds Star Wars

This week I am taking a short break from the KidMin app reviews to give you a review I know you all will love (I know I got excited when I heard about this!).

Angry Birds just came out with a new version, the Star Wars edition! Personally, I think this is the best version of Angry Birds. You play as Star Wars bird characters who each have their own unique force power when destroying the bad guys, including Stormtroopers. There are many available levels in the app (although there is a whole section of the game only available for an additional purchase). Overall, it looks like a great game.

Why is this game important to children’s ministry? By knowing how to play this game, you will have a GREAT conversation starter with many of the children in your ministry, and another way to connect with them. Plus, you know you want to play it!

  • I was happy to have avoided the whole Angry Birds fad…. until this version came out. (as you know, since you were with me when I discovered it!) I’m still hooked, and I enjoy watching my 6 year old play it. I love having something the two of us can play together… but I’ll never understand how HE can get so lucky when he knows nothing of physics and geometry… there is a lesson somewhere in there!