Children’s Games from Around the World: The Eagle Catches the Chickens

The Eagle Catches the Chickens – A Children’s Game from Taiwan

This is a traditional children’s game from the country of Taiwan. Children playing the game pretend they are an eagle, a hen and some chicks. All the chicks stand behind the hen in a row, and the hen tries her best to protect her babies. When the game starts, the eagle tries to catch the chicks. If a chick is caught by the eagle, then the eagle wins the game, and the chick who is caught is the eagle in the next game. This game is suitable for playing in a group. This game is very popular with the children in Taiwan!

General Rules:

  • There is only one eagle running to catch the chicks, if the Hen touches him he must go back to where he started.
  • There are two Hens who must try to keep the eagle away from their chicks.
  • All of the chicks much hide in a line behind the hens.
  • The eagle has five minutes to tag all of the chicks, or he loses.
  • The final chick becomes the new eagle at the start of the next round.

Taiwanese Interesting Facts:

  • Taiwan was the first Democratic Country in Asia.
  • The land mass of Taiwanese islands are only about the size of Massachusetts in the U.S.
  • The Garbage trucks in Taiwan play music to let people know they are coming.
  • You do not tip there, because to them service is a gift, and if you tip its seems ungrateful.
  • Taiwan isn’t allowed to use its national flag when it participates in international organizations or sporting events such as the Olympics or Asian Games. The Taiwan flag is replaced by the Chinese Taipei flag on those occasions.