Children’s Game: What Time is it, Mr. Fox?

Here is the classic children’s game called “What Time Is It Mr. Fox?” I have provided the instructions below for how to play this game. To make this game even more interesting, try playing the three different variations to the game I have included below. Have fun!


In this game for three or more children, the group chooses one child to be the fox. The fox and the rest of the group stand at least twenty feet apart, facing one another. The children say to the fox, “What time is it, Mr. Fox?” The fox replies, “One o’clock.” The children step slowly toward the fox and repeat their question. He answers again, “One o’clock.” This continues until the fox decides to reply, “Dinnertime!” at which point the children turn and run away from the fox, trying to get back to the starting line before the fox tags one of them. If the fox does tag someone, that person becomes the fox. If the fox doesn’t succeed, he remains the fox until he does tag someone.


Variation 1. Children have to hop away on one foot to get back to the starting line.
Variation 2. The fox has his back turned to the children so he doesn’t see how close they are when he yells “dinnertime.”
Variation 3. Children have to try to get to an object that is placed several feet away from the fox before they get tagged!