The Preschooler’s Bible Giveaway Winners!

The contest is over! Congratulations to the winners of a free copy of The Preschooler’s Bible! It is time to find out who they are! Here we go… (drumroll, please)… the winners are: Serina Klotz, Vanessa S., Ron Brooks, Melodi Knight and Eric Haynes! Congrats everyone, and I hope you are able to put this storytelling Bible to great use! Check your emails within the next few days to receive further instruction for how to receive your prize.

Thanks to everyone that participated, and I look forward to running a giveaway like this again! If anyone is interested in purchasing this book, you can do so on Amazon usually for $12. If you didn’t get to check out the book review of The Preschooler’s Bible, make sure you take a look! Thanks again everyone, and God bless!
Because Jesus Loves Kids,

Steven Knight