The Preschooler’s Bible Giveaway Update!

Hey everyone, I am excited to give you an update on the raffle giveaway for 5 FREE copies of The Preschooler’s Bible! There has been a great response to the book review and giveaway, and I am excited that more people have entered into the contest during the past several days. If you haven’t entered yet, you still can before tomorrow (Wed) at 5pm!

Here are several other bloggers who have written great reviews on The Preschooler’s Bible:

  1. Matt Guevara on CoryCenter
  2. Keith Ferrin’s Blog
  3. Lindsey Whitney’s Blog


I definitely agree with two suggestions made by these reviewers: 1. Scripture references near the title in each story would be very helpful, and 2. The angels in this book are portrayed as girly. Trust me, there is a reason why the angels that appeared to humans in the Bible started out by saying “Do not fear!” I would suggest changing these two things, but they do not take away from the Bible stories and their effectiveness.

The Preschooler’s Bible overall is an excellent resource and story-telling Bible. If you haven’t entered the contest, make sure you do! Signing up to enter is very simple and takes only a minute or two. If you miss out on the contest, you can check out The Preschooler’s Bible on Amazon for a great price. The contest ends tomorrow (Wednesday) at 5pm. You can check out the site on Thursday to see the five winners who each won one of five FREE copies of The Preschooler’s Bible!

Because Jesus Loves Kids,

Steven Knight


  • Thanks for the link-up Steven. We’ve been continuing to read the Bible and are really enjoying it.

    • Yep! I have been enjoying it as well. Definitely excited to use it with some preschoolers in the coming weeks!