Book Review: The Preschooler’s Bible (Plus a Giveaway of 5 Copies!)

This week I am reviewing The Preschooler’s Bible by V. Gilbert Beers, and giving away 5 copies! Check out the giveaway contest below to enter for your chance to win one of the free copies.

One of the most needed resources for young family’s today is a Bible that their preschoolers can understand. Many parents want to teach their children Bible stories, but need to teach it at a level that their child can understand cognitively. The Preschooler’s Bible was written to meet this need. The book is full of colorful illustrations and simple stories that preschoolers can understand. It contains 101 Bible stories specifically designed for 4 and 5 year-olds, created both for their learning levels and their attention spans. Not only can this Preschooler Bible be used by parents, but it is also useful for children’s ministry teachers and school teachers. This book also includes questions at the end of many of the stories, giving you the chance to help your preschooler relate to the Bible characters and to learn simple lessons from the Bible stories.

Here Are Some Reasons Why I Like The Preschooler’s Bible:

  • It covers both Old and New Testament stories. From Creation to the story of Timothy, many of the “main” Bible stories are recounted in this storytelling Bible.
  • Each story is easy to understand, giving young children the ability to learn from the Bible at their level of understanding.
  • Each page contains vivid illustrations to help children see the stories. This visual aid is a huge help when children are first learning Bible stories. For preschoolers, the pictures help bring the stories to life.
  • Young readers can read this Bible from a young age.
  • The life of Jesus is emphasized in this Bible, giving many stories about Jesus from the Gospels.
  • Jesus life, death and resurrection is portrayed in a way that preschoolers can clearly grasp and understand.
  • The book is priced very affordably at $16.99, a worthwhile investment to teach preschoolers from the Bible.
  • A topical index list is available at the end of the book so that anyone can select a story based on either a topic or a Bible lesson.

After reading through this book, I would definitely recommend The Preschooler’s Bible for parenting and ministry use. While a book can never replace the Bible itself, this book does a fantastic job of explaining the Bible to preschoolers at a level that they can understand. Buy a copy and check it out for yourself! (Or, just enter the giveaway below and get a free copy!)

The Raffle Giveaway:

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Because Jesus Loves Kids,

Steven Knight