Children’s Games from Around the World: One-Two-Three, Catch Me!

This article is the start of a series of children’s games that I am sharing with you each week, in the hopes of providing great game ideas for your children’s ministry! Each game that I post originates from a different country. Want to make the game more interesting? Look up and share some fun facts about each country before you play the game! I hope that you enjoy these games and are able to use them in your ministry!

One-Two-Three, Catch Me!

(Game Originating from the Country of Luxembourg)

Arrange two teams of five to six players on opposite lines drawn about ten meters apart.  Player number one from team A runs across to team B, who are standing behind their line with their hands stretched out to be tagged.  Player number one must tap three hands then turn and run back across her own line.  After the third tap, those three people run after player number one.  If she is tagged before reaching her own line, she becomes a prisoner and must go to that team’s “jail.”  If she makes it across her own line before being tagged, the last person tapped becomes her prisoner.  Teams alternate turns and continue to the last player on each team.  The team with the most prisoners wins the game.

Questions about the game? Feel free to comment below or email me. Enjoy!