Tech Review: The Rumored Apple iPad Mini

Alright, so today I am going to take a short break from the app reviews to bring you some of the latest iPad Mini rumors exactly one day before the highly anticipated news release of the Apple iPad Mini. Here are some of the rumors for the tablet:

1. It will have a 7.85 non-retina screen. This rumor definitely sounds accurate, since Apple will be trying to lower the cost of this tablet in order to compete with the Kindle Fire. While this may disappoint some Apple fans, I think that the screen itself will still be more than sufficient, while lowering costs significantly. Speaking of which…

2. It will start with a $329 price tag. While Apple has been consistently making products which are designed to be higher-quality yet higher-priced, they are definitely taking a big step toward competing with Google and Amazon with this reasonably priced tablet. Of course, this price is an estimate, and could vary depending on the amount of memory and cellular coverage for each unit.

3. The new product will ship November 2nd. Interested in pre-ordering it? Checking out the specs? Tomorrow, you can probably do both at the Apple website. While they have not yet announced the website, it is widely assumed that shipments will begin in several weeks.

4. The iPad Mini will be focused on education. Yep, that’s right! Many schools are adding Apple tablets to their classrooms as technology continues to revolutionize education today. I definitely think Apple created this lower-cost tablet to market their technology to the public school system. You can bet private schools and colleges will be checking out the tablet too! As a children’s ministry leader, this is a development which I believe children’s ministers must keep up with, so that they know how children are being taught in their schools today.

Needless to say, I am excited to see what Apple does next through the iPad Mini. I will make sure to add some info after the press release, so you can see a fuller review on this new tablet. While I do not own a tablet myself, I believe that tablets are slowly taking over the place of laptops in our culture.

Have some thoughts or questions? Feel free to share them below.

Disclaimer: Some of the specific information in this article was originally posted on the Fox News website.

  • I will probably get one for my son – so I don’t have to keep giving him mine! LOL

    • Haha there you go!

      • As a student yourself, which would you prefer, the full sized iPad or the mini one?

        • Tough choice! I have a feeling a number of students would debate with me on this, but I would go with the full size, simply for the larger screen. As a student, I would want the bigger screen for things like taking notes, watching movies, writing blog articles, etc.