Quick Lesson: Joshua and the Wall of Jericho

c278635_mStory: Joshua and the Wall of Jericho

Scripture: Joshua 1:1-9, 6:1-20.

Main Point: God is faithful to His promises.

Quick Overview: Joshua 1 will give the background for your lesson, which is God’s promise to Joshua. When the wall of Jericho fell, God was showing His power and was keeping His promise! By trusting in God, Joshua and the Israelites were showing their faith in God.
Creative Idea: In the middle of your story, have all of the children line up and march around the room one time. Select several children to “blow the trumpets.” After going around the room, tell them how the Israelites did this around the wall of Jericho!

Craft: For an easy craft for this lesson, cut up some strips of construction paper and gather some full sheets of construction paper, crayons or makers, and some glue. Let the kids try to recreate the wall of Jericho, with the Israelites marching around it!

Memory Verse: Joshua 1:9 (NIV) After they repeat it several times, erase 2 words and have them repeat it again. Do this several times, until they have learned it well. Give them the chance to repeat the memory verse next week for a prize!