Guest Post: Review of The Beginner’s Bible, by Kaye Chalwell

Our family’s first copy of The Beginner’s Bible was a gift for my first son who is now twenty years old. It was first published twenty years ago, and in 2005 a new updated version was released. The Beginner’s Bible has been a well read book in my house. Over the years, I have spent many bedtimes with each of my children reading through the stories of the Old and New Testament that are found in The Beginner’s Bible. In more recent years, I have used The Beginner’s Bible for crèche on a Sunday morning. I developed an easy craft for each of the stories to use in our crèche program. The Beginner’s Bible is also useful for reading to older children to review a story they have been learning about. I have also used it in kindergarten classrooms both at school and at church.

I like The Beginner’s Bible for a number of reasons:

  • It covers a good range of both Old and New Testament stories. Due to this coverage, it is a good introduction to regular Bible reading for our children.
  • The text is simple and each Bible story is retold over four to eight pages.
  • The bright and colorful pictures help to bring the Bible stories to life.
  • It deals with the death and resurrection of Jesus in an age-appropriate way.
  • The book is a good size for using at home or teaching with.
  • It is reasonably priced and makes a good gift for new parents.
  • Emerging readers can read The Beginner’s Bible for themselves.

While writing this review, I discovered The Beginner’s Bible website. This site has simple games for children to play, activity and coloring in sheets that can be downloaded, and a simple movie of Jesus’ birth and resurrection.

If you haven’t seen this book before I recommend having a look at it. It is a worthy addition to any library of Bible stories.

God bless, Kaye

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Kaye Chalwell is a children’s minister in Sydney, Australia. She has been involved in Christian ministry for the past 25 years, working in Christian schools, public schools, curriculum development and churches. She loves working with kids, training and supporting kids’ ministry leaders, writing curriculum, and reading and writing about kids’ ministry. She is currently working on her doctorate in Christian pedagogy – the ‘what and how’ of teaching as a Christian. In between all those things she loves spending time with her husband, three adult children and one teenager. You can follow Kaye on twitter @Kchalwe and check out her blog at