That You May Know: Complete Audio Set (with Special KidMinTools Deal!)

Complete Audio Set

Alright, so you might be wondering what this post is about. Keith Ferrin is a talented speaker, whom I got the chance to hear speak at Moody Bible Institute last year. He recently released an audio Bible CD set that I think is a very valuable resource for  both ministry and Christian families. Why am I sharing this with you? Because I know how valuable an audio Bible can be. When I drive by myself, my two favorite things to do are pray and listen to a Christian speaker or music. The problem that I run into frequently is that audio Bibles have a tendency to make me tired. The text is great, but the narrator often doesn’t express much excitement. Long story short,  this is a captivating storytelling audio Bible, and Keith is providing it for a great price. In fact, check out the details below for a special deal given to you just because you read this KidMinTools blog post! That’s enough talking from me, check out a sample video here on John 9 and read his story below:


Back in the spring of 1993, I was a youth pastor in Tacoma. A buddy – who was a youth pastor across town – said “Hey Keith, there’s this guy coming to our church who has memorized the entire Gospel of Luke. He gets up on stage with no sets, no props, no other actors. He just quotes it and kind of acts it out at the same time.”

Truth be told…I went out of curiosity. I thought it would be pretty boring after about 10 minutes. That night, my view of the Bible – and ministry direction – were forever changed. The Living Word of God became a reality…not a phrase. Thank you Bruce Kuhn.

Long story short: Three years later, I had internalized Philippians and the Gospel of John and started traveling to churches, universities, and conferences, doing what Bruce had done with Luke. More than 16 years has passed and I couldn’t dream of doing anything else.

Helping people see that the Bible is not only true – but it is also a blast! – is my passion.

About a decade ago, people asked me if I would record some of these word-for-word presentations. Over the years I have recorded 10 presentations and put them on six CDs. In January of this year, I recorded four new ones. I started thinking about how I could repackage them to get more of the Bible into the hands of more people for less money.

The result was the Complete Audio Set that just came out two weeks ago. Instead of selling six CDs for $10/each, I was able to package them all together and sell the whole thing for $24.99! It contains all 14 of the presentations I do on six CDs in one box. (John, Romans, Sermon on the Mount, Gal, Eph, Phil, Col, I & II Thess, I & II Tim, I & II Pet, and Jonah.)

One of the catch phrases of my ministry is “Just God’s Word, a stool, and a glass of water.”

My desire is to keep it simple so that people are reminded that the Word of God is plenty! I have sought to carry over that simplicity into the audio recordings as well. (No sound effects or animal noises. J)

Steven saw that I had a short 72 hour sale when they launched and asked what I could do for his readers (now that this sale is over). My thought – since most of you don’t know me – was to figure out a way for you to see what I do in addition to hearing it. So…for any of you who buy the Complete Audio Set, I am going to throw in my DVD of the Sermon on the Mount for free!

Simply go to the online store and put both items in your cart. The DVD will automatically be free (normally $11.99) upon checkout. You don’t need to enter a coupon code, but you DO need to have both items in your cart, and you DO need to do it by the end of September.

I hope you enjoy the CDs and DVD. And if there’s any way I can serve you or the folks at your church, please shoot me a note. I’d be honored!


Keith Ferrin is a speaker, author, Biblical storyteller, and blogger ( He founded That You May Know Ministries ( in 1996 and has spent the last 16 years speaking at conferences, churches, and universities with the focus of helping people come to know and experience that the living Word of God is a reality – not a phrase. He is the author of two books: “Falling In Love With God’s Word” and “Like Ice Cream: The Scoop On Helping the Next Generation Fall In Love With God’s Word.” You can connect with Keith on Twitter or Facebook.


  • Oh man! I am totally bummed I missed out on this deal. Sounds great!

    • Hey, if you could give me your email, I can ask if he would do the deal just for you, if you are interested!

      • Thanks, Steven! My email is growingkidsministry at g mail