Junior High Teaching Outlines

When it comes to preparing lessons, there are many resources available to help you. In the past, I have used different combinations of curriculum, outlines, and self-created lessons to teach the children’s and youth ministries that I have served in. When your ministry goes through a busy season, it is always helpful to have resources on hand to help you prepare a lesson in a shorter amount of time.

This resource is called JR High Teaching Outlines. It is a helpful resource for planning lessons. It includes: 52 lesson outlines, a powerpoint for each lesson, and a teacher and student sheet. The most helpful thing about these outlines is that you can add your own illustrations into the lesson, and you are ready to teach your junior high students! All you have to do to use these outlines is buy them online, download them, and you are ready to go!

What are some of the advantages of buying teaching outlines? First, you can spend more time working in other areas of your ministry. This is extremely helpful before large events (e.g. missions trips, conferences, etc). Second, it can allow you to spend more time building relationships with your students and networking with other ministry leaders. Third, it can help if you (or your secretary!) are getting overwhelmed every week by the outlines that you have to prepare for your staff and students.
The best part about these teaching outlines are that they are affordable. Whether you have these outlines available for the busy seasons of ministry or use them regularly in your ministry, an investment of less than $20 is more than worth it. If you are interested, you can check out these helpful teaching outlines here.