How to Raise Support for a Family Missions Trip

Your family wants to go on a missions trip this year. Paying for one person to go isn’t too expensive, but paying for the whole family? Raising support can be tough for one person, let alone the whole family! Here are some ideas for how you and your family can raise the monetary and prayer support you need to go on a missions trip together:

1. One of the best ways to raise both monetary and prayer support for a missions trip is to write support letters to your family and friends. Writing support letters may seem tedious, but they are actually an effective way to raise support for your missions trip. Often, there are friends and family who will go out of their way to support you. Sometimes, the people you would least expect to be able to afford helping you will give the most support! When you send a support letter, it is important to include the details of your trip and several pictures of the area you are traveling to. This gives your supporters the chance to understand your missions trip and pray for you and your family.

2. I know, I know. The last time your kids had a lemonade stand, they made $20 (after you spent $30 on the supplies!). Alright, so lemonade might not be the best support raiser. Have you ever considered selling baked goods to raise support? Baking goodies is something the kids can help with, and selling the treats will be a piece of cake!

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Seriously though, selling baked goods can be a great way to raise funds. Cupcakes are currently a popular item in some cities, where they sell for an average of $3-$6 a piece. Your family can bake cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cinnamon rolls, and other goodies to raise the support you need. Looking for ways to sell your baked goods? Try selling them to small groups in your church or outside the church after Sunday service. People are often willing to pay up to $25-$30 for a plate of goodies, especially when it is being sold to raise support for a missions trip. How much can you raise by selling baked goods? Personally, I know people who have paid for their ENTIRE missions trip by selling baked goods! If you are like me and do not have very much cooking experience, try enlisting a friend or two to help you out.

3. Fundraising can be productive, but there is another option to raise support. Your family can team up to work for the money needed for your trip. Doing yard work, delivering newspapers, selling homemade products, washing cars, and working any other jobs your family can find will help you raise monetary support. Need some help advertising? Try passing out flyers in your neighborhood and at church.

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4. Have you ever held a garage sale? If you haven’t, chances are you have been to at least a few garage sales. Try holding a garage sale to raise support! Instead of just selling your stuff, invite your family and friends to donate used clothing and other items to you in order to raise support. This idea works especially well if you or a friend lives in a high traffic area where the garage sale will get many visitors. If you get enough people involved, you could possibly pay for a large portion of your missions trip with the garage sale.

5. The most under-used method for fundraising is asking your church’s mission board for support for your missions trip. Churches will often support their church members by giving them part of the funds needed for their trip, but often don’t provide the support until the member requests it from the missions board. Take the initiative and ask them for support, and hopefully they will reward your effort by helping support your family’s missions trip!

Have any other ideas? Feel free to comment below and share them with others!

(photos courtesy of casanctuary  & agahran)