Five Reasons to Take Your Family on a Missions Trip

Family missions trips. You have a few friends at church that have done them, and it went great for them. What’s the purpose? Getting along in your own home is difficult enough, much less trying to get along in another country! There are some benefits to doing a missions trip as a family. Let’s look at those benefits here:

1. Going on a missions trip together gives the parents the opportunity to show their kids their faith in action. The kids get to see their parents serving others in a different culture. This Christian example is an invaluable part of their spiritual upbringing.

2. Families get to serve in an area outside of their comfort zone. Kids growing up in today’s society often do not experience much change in their surroundings, which can make them quite comfortable and complacent. By going outside of their comfort zones, they are able to put their lives in perspective and “re-prioritize” their lives. Also, going outside of their comfort zones will give them the chance to share their faith in unfamiliar circumstances. Remember, this applies to both adults and children!

3. The children get to learn how to serve others abroad. Often, children don’t understand what foreign missions really is. By getting the chance to actually go overseas and serve, they will learn from a young age what missions is and the need for the gospel everywhere.

4. For kids, sharing their faith can be easier in a new environment than in a familiar one. By going on a missions trip and sharing their faith, they will hopefully get the experience and courage needed to share their faith with their friends and family back home.

5. Think of the reaction when people realize that your whole family has traveled to their city to share your faith with them! The impact this can have on people cannot be stated enough! Do you remember a time when people came to your hometown to share their faith? It is an exciting and memorable event for foreigners to visit and share the gospel.

While your family is growing in their faith by going on a missions trip, the people you are ministering to are impacted for eternity by your Christian witness. Need I say more? Don’t put it off any longer. Take your family on a missions trip, and you will be glad you did!
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  • Every time I meet with parents the first question asked is what can I do to show my kids the faith. Much of the, expect answers like; read your Bible daily, pray before meals/bed or go to church. You know, measurable things that can fit a pattern or a schedule. But time after time and study after study proves that kids model their parents. How a parent lives out their faith is a pretty good clue how a child will live out their faith. Great post buddy!

    • Thanks! Yep, totally agree with you! The parent’s example will lead their kids to do the same things as an adult. I have many friends who are passionate about missions trips, and it is because their parents went on them and took them as well! Thanks for the comment, Trevor!

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