Creative Water Day Ideas

Creative Water Day Ideas

Water day for your children’s summer camp is coming up. What do you do? Here are some creative games to play when water day comes around:

1. A Stormy Voyage!  Arrange the kids into a small area where they can sit down by each other.  Have a commentator who can speak loudly and is very creative give the commentary for the journey.  The trick is having the kids close their eyes for the whole time.

While the narrator tells the story (full of incoming waves, storms, and even spouting whales!), the staff can squirt water over the kids, throw buckets of water at them, and take turns shooting streams of water over them from the hose.  The kids imaginations will make the journey an even more memorable one! Want to make this idea even more creative?  Try playing this game while telling a Bible story.  It will be sure to make the story come to life!

2. Water Balloon Toss! A simple, yet fun game to play with your campers.  Simply fill up some water balloons and hand them out (one balloon per two kids).  Separate the kids into partners and have them stand facing each other.  To play, you have the kids on one side try to throw the balloon to their partners without breaking the balloon.  The partner then takes a step back and throws the balloon back.  This process is repeated until there is one team left who is the winner.

3. Soak Your Leader! Sounds fun, right?  You can really hype this up to your campers too!  Give them the chance to squirt your staff and engage them in “water wars!”  Also, you can give them the chance to soak a leader as their prize.  Be sure to thank your staff at the end of the day!

4. Fire Truck Day!  Looking to do something extraordinary at your camp? Give your local fire station a call and see if they can bring a fire truck out for water day! Your kids will absolutely LOVE seeing the fire truck and the firemen!  If you’re fortunate enough, the firemen will even use the firetruck to spray some water on your campers.

You might not think that the fire department would be willing to do it, but there are children’s pastors and directors who have called and been very pleased when the fire chief offered to come out with a fire truck himself!