Training New Leaders, Part 3

Part 3: On the Job Training

Training doesn’t just happen before a new leader takes on their new role; it happens while they serving in the ministry. After people join a ministry, we should continue to build them up and train them to become better leaders. This means that we are keeping in touch with how they are doing, sharing constructive feedback with them, providing ministry resources to them, and giving them the opportunity to give you feedback about the ministry.

During the first several weeks, spending time with them is key to their success. Check on them and ask them how they are doing. Observe them in the ministry and give them praise and tips for what to try working on. Be encouraging! Tell them what they are doing well and continue to give them encouraging words. You can even have a meeting several weeks after they start serving in the ministry so that you can give them feedback on how they are doing.

As they continue to grow in their role in the ministry, give your leaders the chance to continue to grow. Let them take on new responsibilities and give them the resources to do it! As the leader of a ministry, we need to be the ones to raise up other leaders, instructing them and setting them up for success.

Now go out and have fun! Training new leaders is an exciting opportunity to mentor other Christian believers to be successful in ministry. It is exciting to see them grow in their ministry role and to grow closer to God. You will also make some new friends in the process!


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