Training New Leaders, Part 2

Step 2. Getting Acquainted

Have you ever been thrown into a situation that you knew nothing about? While some people enjoy that, others don’t always do well in that kind of situation. Take some time to let them get acquainted with other leaders and hear from them how the ministry works. Have them spend time with the other leaders and learn from their experiences. Often, we neglect to let our ministry team share their wisdom with the new leader. The ability to learn from their new team members is invaluable to a new leader in the ministry.

Don’t forget to tell them about the ministry! Give a history of the ministry, maybe even including what has worked great in the past and what hasn’t worked very well. Give specifics for the new role that the new leader will be involved in. A written description of any programs and events will also help explain the function of the different parts of the ministry. If they are getting involved in a specific program, give them a schedule of what normally happens during that program.

One last thing: Let them see how the ministry works. Let them shadow another leader, or sit through a program. This final preparation will help the new leader feel much more comfortable once they step into their new role. They will appreciate it, and you will soon appreciate it too!


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