Training New Leaders, Part 1

During the next week, I will be writing several articles on the steps to preparing new leaders for your ministry. I am going to start here with the first step:

1. Getting to Know Each Other

When you are training new leaders, you need to first start their training by meeting with them and spending time getting to know them. New leaders will feel much more comfortable once they get to know you, which will then free them to share openly about their own life.

After learning more about them and where they are in life, a good leader will then share his vision for the ministry and the purpose of the ministry with the new leader. This is important so that you both are on the same page starting from the very beginning of their time in the ministry.

Next, you will need to ask the new leader what their gifts are. This time is essential, because it will determine the correct role for the new leader in your ministry. Many times, we tend to accept any help we can get in our ministry and we plug new leaders into the first opening that comes to mind. Instead, we should first meet with them and determine where the best fit for them would be to use their strengths. If you think that they wouldn’t succeed in a certain role, then don’t put them there. As the leader of your ministry, you are in charge of making sure that your new leaders are set up to succeed. Soon, you are going to want to give them a few responsibilities that they will be comfortable with and give them the opportunity to grow.

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