Discipling Like Jesus Did

Have you ever noticed that Jesus had many disciples, but only twelve apostles? His ministry was great and impacted many people, but his training was normally limited to His disciples. Why? Jesus was developing Christian leaders. He spent three years training them.Think about this: if the disciples spent 8 hours a day with Jesus,  for 5 days a week for 52 weeks, for 3 years, then they would have spent 6,240 hours with him!

Now think about this. Let’s say that the average Christian is discipled for 2 hours a week. That would equal 312 hours of being discipled over the course of 3 years. At 2 hours a week, it would take 60 years for a Christian to receive the same amount of discipling that the disciples probably got from Jesus in 3 years!

It takes time to disciple others. If we are going to build Christian leaders to serve with us, we need to be willing to put time and effort into discipling them. Don’t try to disciple everyone on your ministry team or in your church, but take the time to disciple several people, who will in turn disciple others.