Free Task Management Systems for Churches

Free Task Management Systems

Some great task management systems have come out in the past year that are absolutely free. I use some of them for managing tasks, keeping track of details for events, assigning team members to different tasks, keeping track of my notes, and more. All of the following task management systems have some excellent features, for absolutely free:

4 Good Reasons to Hold a Fall Church Outreach Event

4 Good Reasons to Hold a Church Outreach Event

Should your church hold a fall church outreach event? There are good and bad reasons to hold this kind of event. Here’s a great article on thinking through why a Fall Festival might be counter-productive. If you are wondering if your church should hold a Fall Outreach Event, then consider these four reasons why it might be beneficial:

1. Safety: Your church may be one of the only safe places in your city. If you have families that don’t go out on Halloween because their neighborhoods aren’t safe, then hosting an event is a no-brainer for most churches.

2. Community Potential: If your community, well, doesn’t act like a community, then hosting an event may be one of the best ways to bring them together. Having your church members give out personal invites may encourage more people to attend (and it would be a great way to build relationships outside the church).

What’s in the Bible: Church Edition

What's in the Bible Church Edition 1

I’ve written about What’s in the Bible curriculum? before, so you know about my reviews regarding their curriculum. I think that What’s in the Bible? is one of the best Christian video resources for teaching the Bible to children, and I am excited to see them complete the whole curriculum and DVD set that covers the entire Bible.

Instead of reviewing the curriculum myself, I’m going to refer you to a couple of great reviews that a few kidmin friends posted:

The “Good King or Bad King” Game Show

The Good King or Bad King Game Show

It can be very difficult to create engaging activities for some Old Testament Bible lessons. There were so many bad kings! Here is an engaging game to help your kids learn how to distinguish what it meant for a king to be either good or bad!

The Good King or Bad King Game Show

Ages: K-5th Grade

Purpose: To show that good kings in the Old Testament were leaders who followed God, while bad kings were leaders who didn’t follow God.

The Advent Book for Families

The Advent Book for Families

Do you want to make Christmas more meaningful this year for your family? If you haven’t used an Advent resource before, I recommend taking a look at this excellent Advent book. I was blessed to work with the team that created it, and it has really turned into a creative and engaging resource for families.

Right now, this Advent book is complete, but is preparing to go to print. Matt Guevara (Executive Director of INCM) has started a Kickstarter project in order to fund the project and allow others to order a copy or two of the books.