The Teaching Methods of Jesus

The Teaching Methods of Jesus

Jesus Christ was the Master Teacher.  He used a wide variety of teaching methods, which each had their own advantage when teaching to different audiences.

Do you use different teaching methods when you teach? Take a look at these seven great teaching methods that Jesus used.

1. Parables. Jesus spoke often using parables, which are stories that illustrate an important truth. He would often use the life situations of the people He spoke to in order to create a story that would have a big impact on them. The main distinction with parables is that the summary of the story should demonstrate the important truth that needs to be shared. For examples, see Luke 10 and 15.

2. Object Lessons. Jesus used object lessons all the time. Sometimes he would use actual objects, and sometimes he would act out the object lesson. The main goal with an object lesson is to share an important truth visually. For examples of different types of object lessons, see Matt 19, Mark 12, John 4, and John 13.

The Power of a Child’s Testimony

The Power of a Child's Testimony

We love to hear amazing stories about how God saved someone from a life of rebellion against Him. This stories typically emphasize the abundance of sin that a person committed before they received salvation through Christ.

These stories are amazing, but our church culture has highlighted these stories sometimes to a fault, by unintentionally minimizing the power of a simple testimony. Even the testimony of a child.

My guess is that many of you have these “simple testimonies.”

A child’s testimony is powerful. Many people relate to these kinds of testimonies, and they can often have a large impact when shared. Regardless of what type of life someone lived before receiving salvation, a simple testimony demonstrates that everyone needs Christ.

If a child can understand the gospel clearly and receive salvation at a young age,

The BEST Black Friday Deals for Children’s Ministry

Once again this year, we are bringing you the best Black Friday deals on everything that we find that might be useful for children’s ministry!

If you might use, we will include it. Throughout this week, we will be continuously adding to this list. On Black Friday, we will update this list throughout the day. If you find a better price or a great suggestion, leave a comment and we will add it to the list!

Here are the best Black Friday deals! Updated last on Thursday at 10:46am

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One of my most popular conference sessions that I have taught has been on the topic of Training Teenagers To Be Children’s Ministry Leaders. I have taught this session at multiple conferences, and it is usually one of my highest-attended sessions.

Ministry leaders need help with this area, which is why I set out to create a book that would address the BIG questions that leaders have regarding training teenagers to be leaders in children’s ministry. While working on the book, I’ve been consulting with top ministry leaders around the country, as I seek to give the best insight possible in this book.

Before I launch this new book, I want to get your feedback. Your questions and insight could help shape the final stages of the book, as I look to answer the BIG questions that children’s ministry pastors/directors have about training teenagers to lead well in their ministries.

Interested? Simply answer the following two questions below. As a thank-you, I’m going to give away a $10 Starbucks gift card to one of the survey contributors. Thank you in advance for your questions and feedback!

Make Scripture Memorization More Memorable with Memory Icons

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Children are becoming visual learners more and more each year. Are you engaging this learning style when your kids are learning Scripture?

Here is my review for a great new resource called Memory Icons, which is a resource that re-formats the Awana T&T books to help children learn Scripture, visually! It uses a process called mnemonics, which uses helpful tricks to increase a child’s ability to memorize.

Which Bible Translations and Resources Should Your Children Use?

Which Bible Translations and Resources Should Your Kids Use?

What Bible translation should you use with children? What are the best Bible resources for them?

I interviewed three children’s ministry leaders who shared their favorite Bible translations and Bible resources for children. The kidmin experts who joined me for the interview are Sam Luce, Kathie Phillips, and Chelsea Bell.

1. Which Bible resource(s) have you found works really well for toddlers and preschoolers?

SL: The Lift Flap Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones and the Jesus Story book Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones are the best. Sally has a rare gift to condense truth into a form that ignites wonder.

KP: My favorite resources for toddlers & preschoolers would include the Jesus Storybook Bible & My First Hands-On Bible.  The Jesus Storybook Bible is a resource that can grow with a child (meaning that a parent can read it to a preschooler but an older child could read it on their own) and it points back to Jesus.  My First Hands-On Bible is visually appealing, offers interactive activities and discussion questions.

CB: The Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd-Jones is an excellent Bible resource for toddlers and pre-schoolers. I have found that even the youngest ones can follow along well and be engaged in this Bible.

2. What other resources would you recommend to help children learn about God during these younger years?

FREE Advent Devotional from Awana


If you are looking for quality resources for families during the Advent season, then take a look at this free Awana Advent devotional. I joined the team of 25 contributors for this excellent project, which is designed for 5 different groups of people:

  1. Individuals
  2. Couples
  3. Early Elementary
  4. Late Elementary
  5. Junior High and High School

Each of these devotionals contain a Scripture passage, a devotional on the passage, and an application suggestion that is customized based on the specific age-category you selected for your Advent devotional.

This resource would be a great help to the families in your church this Christmas season. The best part is that every version of the devotional is free! You can download the Awana Advent Devotional on their website: