How To Set Up Parental Controls on Your Child’s Smartphone/Tablet

How To Set Up Parental Controls on Your Kids Smartphone_Tablet

Have you ever set up parental controls on your child’s smartphone? If you haven’t, then you are leaving your kids at risk for exposure to millions of other people, some of which won’t have good intentions for your children. Keeping your child safe is important, so setting up parental controls on a smartphone or tablet is essential in the technological world of the 21st century.

Maybe you’re not convinced.

Think about taking your kids to the mall to shop. Now, imagine that the mall was filled with tons of stores. Except, most of the stores are pornography stores.

Woah, what?!

That’s right. The internet is flooded with dirty sites, and it is becoming easier and easier for kids to stumble upon these websites. In fact, 66% of kids who have seen porn in the past year first stumbled onto these websites accidentally, according to a study done by researchers at the University of New Hampshire.

Some research indicates that the average age a child is exposed to pornography is eight years old, according to Focus on the Family.

The Latest Research Findings on Children’s Ministry

Book Review: The Gospel Truth about Children's Ministry

The Latest Research Findings on Children's Ministry

Have you heard the latest findings on children’s ministry? My friends and colleagues at Awana decided to ask hundreds of children’s ministry leaders three important questions.

What these children’s ministry leaders said may change everything.

4 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your VBS

4 Ways to Increase the Impact of Your VBS

It’s summer! Is it time to roll out your VBS yet?

A summer VBS program can have an incredible impact on a child’s life. How are you getting ready to take advantage of this week to help your kids have a blast and learn about Jesus?

Whether this is your 1st year or 30th year of VBS, maybe you would love to incorporate a new idea or two to increase the impact of your VBS. If this sounds like you, then take a look at these 4 ways to increase the impact of your VBS:

Friendly Gluten-Free Options for Children’s Ministry

Friendly Gluten-Free Options for Children's Ministry

A big thanks to Katie Knight for today’s guest post on friendly gluten-free options for children’s ministry.

Food allergies. They make us all a little nervous. Just when we thought we had the peanut allergies down, then came another big one – gluten!

What is gluten? Gluten is the protein found is certain kinds of grains, including wheat, barley and rye. Any traditional wheat products (bread, pasta, crackers, etc.) contain gluten, in addition to other products that may contain traces of gluten.

Coming from a person who was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease four years ago, I can testify that it can be tough to find gluten-free, affordable, and tasty food. If you’re really uncomfortable dealing with this topic, then one of the best ways to handle this in a children’s ministry is to ask one of the mom’s of a child in your ministry. These moms are usually happy to help.

However, with a little research, you can handle providing gluten-free options very easily on your own!

Is Sunday School Dead?

Is Sunday School Dead?

USA Today recently published an article entitled “Has the Sun Set on Sunday School?” The author proposes that Sunday School as we know it is dead. However, she shows a certain lack of knowledge of evangelical Christianity with her comments, proposing that Christians are turning to other learning methods on Sundays, including studies on books such as the Qur’an.

Wait, what?

Although the USA Today author didn’t exactly get everything right in her article, she raises an important question.

Is Sunday School dead?

5 Books on Christian Parenting

5 Books on Christian Parenting

Parenting is hard enough already, without all those people telling you that you are doing it wrong!

What do you do though, if you need some parenting help? Which voices are actually speaking truth about how to parent in a God-honoring way?

If you’re frustrated by the numerous voices all telling you different ways that you should parent, and you just want a few good resources for parenting, then take a look at this list of 5 books on Christian parenting:

The Story of King Jesus from David C. Cook

The Story of King Jesus from David C. Cook

I love children’s picture books when they are well-designed, visually engaging, and tell a fantastic story. I’ve seen some great picture books from David C. Cook, but when they sent me this one, I had a feeling that it would be good. A book about The Story of King Jesus has to be good, right?

This book is pretty sweet. Take a look at the book description:

Awana Gets Digital with Mozo

Awana Gets Digital with Mozo

Awana has just entered the 21st century. Is your Awana club ready?

Awana is about to launch a new web-based software/app called Mozo. The purpose of Mozo is to make being an Awana leader a whole lot easier!

Awana Gets Digital with Mozo

Mozo will contain leadership development tools for Awana leaders around the world that can be accessed by computer, tablet, and phone. Here are a few key Mozo features:

Free Easter Bible Lessons for Kids

Free Easter Bible Lessons for KidsWait, Easter is coming up! If you are looking for some free Easter Bible lessons for kids, then take a look at these great resources:

Are you looking for something to supplement your Easter lesson? Try one of these Easter Object Lessons, each of which are exciting illustrations that can be incorporated into your lesson!

Insurgent Movie Review for Kids

Insurgent Movie Review for Kids

Is the second installment of the Divergent series, Insurgent, an appropriate movie for kids?

Insurgent is the continued story of Tris, Four, and the entire city of a futuristic Chicago that has been divided into five factions according to the personalities of the people.

In the first movie of the series, we see a violent power struggle take place for rulership of the factions. Because Tris is a Divergent (one of the people who don’t fit into just one faction) the Erudite rulers try to kill her and others like her. Long story short, she saves many people from killing others while having their minds controlled, then she leaves the city with several loved ones.

In this second installment of the Divergent series, Tris and company are figuring out how to fight against Jeanine (the president) and the Erudite rulers in order to stop the continued tyranny and murder being committed. Jeanine has found a Box that she needs open with a message from the Founders, which can only be opened by a Divergent. She believes this will restore order and publicly justify the need to eliminate all Divergents.

Sounds like a fight scene or two might be in order, right?