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Tales of Truth: Share Stories of Christian Missionaries and the Gospel Message


I love telling kids about Christian Missionaries. Their lives can be a significant encouragement to children as they learn how to devote their lives to God. That said, I wasn’t aware of any resources that can help you teach about the lives of missionaries, until I found Tales of Truth. Tales of Truth has created captivating Powerpoint slides and helpful scripts so that you can tell these Christian missionary stories easily.

Take a look at the description for these resources:

How Ministry Leaders Can Use Text Messaging for Parent Communication

How Ministry Leaders Can Use Text Messaging for Parent Communication

Have you ever wanted to communicate with all of the parents of the kids in your ministry through text messaging? It is totally possible! There are multiple ways to do this, but the following way is the easiest way that I have found to be successful.

The best part is that you can use an easy social media tool to text your parents. That tool is Twitter! All you need to do is follow four easy steps to get started.

21 Ways to Save Money in Bible College

21 Ways to Save Money in Bible College

Are you interested in earning a Bible degree? A college education can be very expensive in today’s world. But, if God is calling you to a specific ministry, you would be well served to earn a Bible education that will prepare yourself for that ministry. I have learned a few different ways to cut down on spending and make college more affordable, which enabled me to earn a Bachelor’s and work on my Master’s now. If you are paying for all (or a good chunk) of your college education, then these money-saving tips are exactly what you need to thrive in college (financially, at least).

Here are 21 ways that you can save money in Bible college, so that you can make it through with little or no debt:

Want Your Own Awana Church Website?

Want Your Own Awana Church Website?

Do you need an Awana website? Most churches don’t actively update their Facebook Awana pages, and keeping up a church webpage for Awana can be difficult if you don’t have a dedicated IT staff member at your church.

The solution? Selected Ventures Inc. has come up with Quick Club Sites, which is a user-friendly way for churches to create and maintain their own Awana website! Here is a short description of the Quick Club Sites:

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Donations Are Funding Abortions

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Donations Are Funding Abortions

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is an extremely popular fundraiser that is sweeping the nation. The problem is that many donations made to the ALS Association are going straight to the funding of abortions.

One of the major ways that ALS Association researchers test their proposed medications for ALS is to test them through embryonic stem cell research. Essentially, these scientists are killing unborn babies in order to research ways to extend the lives of other humans.

I am in full support of helping those with ALS and bringing more attention to this condition that plagues many people. But, many donations being made to the ALS research groups will support the continuation of abortions for medical research. If you want to support those with ALS, donate directly to their families or choose an organization that you know you can trust.

Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review for Children


Is Guardians of the Galaxy appropriate for children?

Marvel has started a whole new series of superheros, with Guardians of the Galaxy being portrayed as the next big hit for children’s movies. I saw the movie this past weekend, and I can tell you this: it’s different than the other Marvel movies.

There is more questionable content in this movie. Should you take your child to see it?

Is Minecraft Safe for Children?


Last week, I interviewed two kidmin experts who shared their knowledge of Minecraft and whether or not it is safe for your kids, and if there is potential for us to use Minecraft in ministry. The experts who joined me for the interview are Trisha Gail Peach and Bill Gunter.

In general, is Minecraft safe for children? Why or why not?

The Future of Water Balloons

Water Balloons

This is incredible. Bunch O Balloons will be an amazing resource for children’s ministries everywhere. Who knew that someone could revolutionize the water balloon industry? If you want to see what the future holds, check out this video and visit the Kickstarter page.

Are you excited for this like I am? Share your excitement in the comment section below!